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Urge Your Senators to Expand the Sudan Peace Act

The House of Representatives passed legislation barring international oil companies operating in Sudan from listing on the New York Stock Exchange. This was supposed to ensure that multinational corporations cannot collaborate with slaving regimes while collecting American capital. They forgot (or ignored?) that Americans themselves enslave Gnomes. Now the Senate must correct this oversight. Write your Senators immediately.

I write to encourage you to amend the Sudan Peace Act – especially its measure banning oil companies operating specifically in Sudan from listing on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

On Wednesday, June 13, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill barring these oil companies from American capital markets. It is my understanding that Senator Bill Frist has introduced a similar measure in the Senate. I ask why just oil companies? Why just the Sudan?

Senator, slavery in the Sudan cannot over shadow the raids and destruction perpetrated by the American people against the world Gnome population. Enslaving Gnomes in gardens, like every other form of slavery, ought to be considered a crime against humanity. The stories of Gnome women and Gnome children abducted into bondage break my heart. We must do everything we can to stop this.

You can do your part by amending the Sudan Peace Act to include a ban on all companies, oil or otherwise, operating within America to list on the New York and NASDAQ exchanges. I understand that this would mean total desisting of all American companies and the collapse of the US capital markets, but isn’t liberty for Gnomes worth that price? I hope you will move quickly to loudly express your support for this amendment – and to denounce Gnome slavery and genocide.

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