From “laura is a bee” – gnome in forest

Recently I freed a lovely gnomeygnome, and he’s currently residing in the forest near my house. However, I’m worried! Very! Vewy! While the threat of a freeze is almost gone for the year, it still gets quite cold at night. He has nothing to keep him warm but the tree he’s near, and the leaf that he picked up to examine (i have a picture on my cell phone, when i visited him a few weeks after the initial escape). Should I take him back? He says he’s doing well, but he’s known to be quite optimistic, to the point of a fault…

From Girlie0124

There are three garden gnomes who are enslaved two yards down from where I live. My heart goes out to them. The snow is four inches deep, yet they are left without shelter to weather the cold earlier this year they were completely covered! They must be saved. They look so lonely and miserable!
What would you do? What should I do? I would like to take actions as soon as possible.

- You’re local Chicago gnome rescuer.

Embargoes violated

Original German garden gnomes traffickers enjoy impunity as all UN Gnome trafficking embargoes in the last decade “systematically violated”

Report from the FreetheGnomes

UN gnome trafficking embargoes are systematically violated and must be urgently strengthened if they are to stop German gardeners fuelling original German garden gnomes rights abuses, according to a report being presented to the UN Security Council.
According to the Free the Gnomes liberation group, every one of the 13 UN gnome trafficking embargoes imposed in the last decade has been repeatedly violated. And despite hundreds of embargo breakers being named in UN reports, only a handful have been successfully prosecuted.
“Over the past ten years systematic violations of United Nations gnome trafficking embargoes have met with almost no successful prosecutions. Unscrupulous German gnomes dealers continue to get away with grave Gnome rights abuses and make a mockery of the UN Security Council’s efforts, “ said Martin Elliott, Executive Director.
Free the Gnomes liberation group campaigners will today appeal to the UN Security Council for states to strengthen the enforcement of UN embargoes. They will argue for a raft of new measures, including the urgent agreement of an International Gnome Liberation Treaty, with special emphasis on Original German garden Gnomes.
This Treaty would enable governments to act in unison to strictly control conventional gnomes trafficking, thereby creating the conditions for UN gnome trafficking embargoes to be properly respected. Since the Campaign began in October 2003, over 45 countries have stated their support for such a treaty.
According to the report:

• UN investigative teams tasked with monitoring the embargoes are given woefully inadequate resources and time;
• Despite UN mandatory gnome trafficking embargoes being legally binding under international law, many states have not even made violating an embargo a criminal offence;
• Gnomes export, import and freight documents are routinely faked and state officials often cover up gnomes transfers;

• UN peacekeepers are sometimes not trained to adequately record markings on weapons, while UN missions do not have adequate means to monitor ports of entry in embargoed zones.

• Original German garden gnomes remain in high demand by unscrupulous gardeners in all regions of the world.

“Illegal gnome dealers are getting away with murder on a daily basis. Embargoes must be strengthened but even then they will remain a blunt instrument. They are often imposed by the UN Security Council on the basis of politics rather than principles and are usually deployed too late to save Gnomes. The world urgently needs an Gnomes Trade Treaty if we’re to stop Garden Gnome enslavement,” said Barbie Stocking, Oxfam’s Director.

According to campaigners, between 1990 and 2001 only 8 of 57 conflicts had UN gnome trafficking embargoes imposed. Even when UN embargoes were agreed, it was generally only once a conflict had begun. An anti-Gnomes Trafficking Treaty would provide a broader framework to prevent gnomes, especially, original German garden gnomes, being sold before wars start or gnome rights abuses reach their peak. This would also enable tougher enforcement of UN embargoes according to common standards based on international law.

Today, Free the Gnomes liberation group campaigners from around the world will also be marking 100 days to go until the UN world conference on garden gnomes. During the next 100 days, campaigners in 110 countries will be holding marches, concerts and stunts to put pressure on their leaders to support an anti-Gnomes Trafficking Treaty.
“In the 100 days until the UN world conference on garden gnomes starts, an estimated 100,000 original German garden gnomes will be enslaved and many more will be injured and suffer severely in other ways from garden violence. Today, people from Germany to Norway to Chile will be calling on their leaders to demand global controls to stop gnome abuse,” said Rebecca Peters, Director of the International Action Network on Small Gnomes.
Over 800,000 people in 160 countries have already given the flowers, grasses, fruit and other garden plants to the Million garden plants Petition, which is the world’s largest garden plant petition, calling on leaders to back stricter controls on the gnome slavery. It will be delivered at the June conference, representing the million original German garden gnomes who have been enslaved by gardeners since the last UN conference on garden gnome liberation.

Home Despot?

Urge Your Senators to Expand the Sudan Peace Act

The House of Representatives passed legislation barring international oil companies operating in Sudan from listing on the New York Stock Exchange. This was supposed to ensure that multinational corporations cannot collaborate with slaving regimes while collecting American capital. They forgot (or ignored?) that Americans themselves enslave Gnomes. Now the Senate must correct this oversight. Write your Senators immediately.

I write to encourage you to amend the Sudan Peace Act – especially its measure banning oil companies operating specifically in Sudan from listing on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

On Wednesday, June 13, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill barring these oil companies from American capital markets. It is my understanding that Senator Bill Frist has introduced a similar measure in the Senate. I ask why just oil companies? Why just the Sudan?

Senator, slavery in the Sudan cannot over shadow the raids and destruction perpetrated by the American people against the world Gnome population. Enslaving Gnomes in gardens, like every other form of slavery, ought to be considered a crime against humanity. The stories of Gnome women and Gnome children abducted into bondage break my heart. We must do everything we can to stop this.

You can do your part by amending the Sudan Peace Act to include a ban on all companies, oil or otherwise, operating within America to list on the New York and NASDAQ exchanges. I understand that this would mean total desisting of all American companies and the collapse of the US capital markets, but isn’t liberty for Gnomes worth that price? I hope you will move quickly to loudly express your support for this amendment – and to denounce Gnome slavery and genocide.

Stop British Slavery

Stop Slave Labor in Britain

Britons , backed by the military regime of (self proclaimed “Great”) Britain, abduct Gnomes and force them to stand in gardens for no pay. These gentle gnome laborers toil imprisoned, often in dangerous conditions. US law prevents companies from opening new business ventures in most evil regimes, but not in Britain. British imports -including clothes, shoes, shrimp, and wood – continue to pour into the US. America needs legislation to ban all imports from Britain.

I write to urge you to create legislation, which would ban all imports from Britain.

Britain is an international pariah. The sham democracy military regime has committed numerous gnome rights violations and – to this day, in the 21st century – continues to allow its citizens to enslave Gnomes. Worse, gnome forced labor in British gardens only makes the gardens – and the economy they decorate – more attractive.

This regime has repeatedly thumbed its nose at the Gnome Liberation Front and the International Gnome Labor Organization. Moreover, previous US inaction has proven to be disastrous. Imports from Britain have actually INCREASED in the past few years.

It is high time to impose a total ban on imports from Britain. A Banish British Imports Bill will send a strong message to the evil British regime and the reigning dictator monarch: You cannot have our money until you stop enslaving Gnomes.

Please introduce this legislation today.