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Thadius the Gnome Thadius the Gnome

Hello Kind People working for the freedom of Gnomes!!! My name is Thadius, I am a 162 year old Gnome who has been living in slavery for the past two years. Risking life and limb, I have broken into my master's email to send you this plea for help. I have attached a picture of me taken recently when my evil master tried to sell me on ebay for $3.00 plus shipping. Please use this picture to expose the plight of Gnomes. Also you could use this to identify me when you come to deliver me to freedom.I am being held against my will at 40th Avenue Spokane, Washington. Due to my recent and frequent escape attempts, my sicko slave masters have built a prison around me using old baking racks. They also have employed the nosy neighbor next door to watch my every move. When you come to free me, please come around 10:30 AM. My master will be engrossed watching Judge Judy, and the neighbor will have left to take his wife to Country Kitchen buffet. God bless you!!! Sincerely, Thadius the Gnome.

Keep up the good work
  Hello. I would just like to say me and my friend have been freeing gnomes for almost a year now. I just found your website and totally agree with everything on it. We have freed atleast 15 gnomes and are still searching for more to help out. Keep up the good work.

from Dana Strittmatter
Here's my gnome I caught and then domesticated. He even does our laundry.

from Dudenessman
  I have liberated a gnome, but I have no idea what to do with him, since gnomes are only alive while humans arent looking, I cannot interact with him I have done the following for temporary comfort: () I have freed the gnome () I have lost its master's trail () I have made him a small home (in my garage) () I have given him blankets, food, and $20 () I have left him a note stating what to do when he awakes () I have left him alone, checking each morning [2 days] He still hasn't left nor responded to my note (I think he doesn't understand our strange language or writing) I think he thinks he is MY slave but I cant tell him other wise, what should I do? PLEASE RESPOND. Thankyou. P.S. the site needs a "pictures of free gnomes" page, so we can all see our liberated friends

  It is our firm belief that it is vital to liberate the gnomes! For this reason, we applaud your actions to stop the enslavement of these innocent woodland creatures. However, we find it rather disturbing that you shun completely those who choose to live in harmony with the gnomes. Offering a place to live inside of one's house or in one's garden is not enslavement. It is a harmonious existence between humans and woodland creatures. It is hardly fair to deny them access to our garden if this is where they choose to be. We will not turn them away. It is a haven. While many would say we own them, it is necessary to mention that we do not. We co-exist. Therefore, we have found it worthwhile to purchase gnomes so they may live free lives within our own secret garden. These woodland creatures deserve to be free, and if we must purchase them in order for that to happen, then so be it. Operation Blossom Floret

I am a college student who feels much the same way that you do about plastic flamingos. I have liberated 2 plastic during high school, and a ceramic one this past weekend. A friend that I graduated from high school with liberated 2 gnomes from a house in our Sophomore year. My best friend, Kelly, kept one (Horatio), and she just sent him to my for my birthday. I was wondering, do you think that Horatio is happy living with me? He has a comfortable home indoors and is very well respected and loved. I hate to send him back outside to a garden due to his chipping face paint. However, I put a plant next to him in order to make him feel "more at home." Please let me know what you think. Shaina. P.S. Attached, please find a picture of Horatio and me and a picture of Kelly, Horatio, and myself.

from Shannon from Shannon

I found this the other day on a neighbor’s gnome….could oppressive gardening be spreading in America? Even as far north as New Hampshire? The Greenlys of Allenstown, NH

from Meg
  "I strongly object to your concept that somehow having a gnome living in a garden is enslavement. For a couple of years, I had a good friend and gnome who contentedly played hi flue while he sat on a mushroom in my overgrown but beautiful garden (which the nuns in the convent next door called ""a little piece of heaven."" Yes, I had a picket fence, but its presence wasn't to keep people, animals, or even gnomes out (once, I even found a cayote in it, and we had a resident groundhog whose holes I faithfully protected -- not to mention dozens of species of birds and butterflies--also, a lot of squirrels, who were quite plump from eating bird food -- actually, one was so rotund that he became unable to squeeze through the pickets in order to get in and out, so I had to open the gate for him) -- the fence indeed created a cozy, secure, protected place for all of us within the garden. There were lots and lots of flowers of all sorts, an untidy place, with alway something coming up by itself in unexpected places. It really smelled good, too. Sometimes the gnome came up from the garden area and sat on the front porch with my cat and me while we just enjoyed being together and listening to opera. At other times, in bad weather, he came into the house, as it was too cold and snowy for him to be comfortable outside. I loved that gnome. Alas, I must use past tense, because I was forced to sell the little house and move. In order to clear out clutter, i had a couple of yard sales. Several people asked about the gnome, but of course he was decidedly NOT a slave and NOT FOR SALE. But people sometimes don't behave as one would wish. During the night, someone came to the garden, came inside the fence (I told you it didn't keep anything out -- or in, for that matter) ...(whoops, I hadn't finished -- pressed the submit button by mistake) -- where was I? Oh, yes, in my experience, as I said, people don't always behave in the way one expects of wishes -- in the middle of the night, someone came and stole my gnome. I cried. I worry about him. Where is he? Is someone caring for him? Did they give him a warm place for the winter? Do you know where he might be?I truly do not think he felt ""enslaved."" I think he had been homeless for quite a long time -- bounced here and there -- and, as he was an older gnome, he was happy to find a really nice place to live out his last years. You should not judge others based on your needs and base your actions on what you have determined is good for you. To be truly free is to recognize, to respect, and to support those who differ from you and who make choices that may conflict with your ideas of what is ""good for them."""

from Sue from Sue

After visiting the Czech Republic and realizing the need for some kind of assistance regarding the actions of a few gnomes that for whatever reason find pleasure in "entertaining" passerby's so, I'm going to start a rehabilitation clinic for exhibitionist gnomes. In no way shape or form are my little fellows held captive. In fact I'm in the process of designing a "gnome knoll" in my yard to house them. If they so choose they can go roaming but only with supervision as they may relapse and expose certain body parts that many people take exception to viewing.

Even the Queen??
  I sent your letter to the captor of gnomes currently residing at Buckingham Palace in London, England. The captors name is Elizabeth Windsor, and I believe she had between 30 and 50 gnomes working for very little compensation. This woman also appeared to have a number of dogs residing closely with these defenceless creatures. I had this sent back to me, including a message asking me to send my complaints elsewhere.

from Diana
  I must thank you for the great service you are providing. I am writing to tell you about the retirement village that my Mother has started for these poor oppressed creatures. Her collection grows every year. She is only able to take those that have been freed from their laborious tasks. None of her sweet little fellows are aloud to hold any gardening tools infact they only are aloud to fish in her ponds for their toadstools, sleep in their hammocks,play hide and go seek, and climb trees. They are also free to come and go as they please. While the situation is real, the rest is very much satirical.

from Adam
  This organization has come into being for the sole purpose of liberating Gnomekind everywhere. too long have these wonderful people suffered under the cruel mistreatment of humans. Man has looked down on these poor people for too long only because they are lacking in height. This discrimination must stop, and it is up to each and every one of us to see that it does. No longer shall these once proud people be forced to remain outdoors and fight the elements while their human owners enjoy the comforts of climate control and central heating and air. No longer must Gnomes suffer the extreme heat of summer, nor the severe and biting cold of winter. Never again shall Gnomekind suffer the indignity of being bombarded with bird feces. Never again should a Gnome be the victim of a careless pizza deliver driver, for there is no greater fear among the Gnomes than that of being crushed by an automobile. I WANT TO KNOW HOW I CAN HELP FREE THE GNOMES.... IS THERE ANY ORGANIZATIONS I CAN JOIN OR ANYTHING THING I CAN BE PART OF TO HELP THE MOVEMENT.

from Lena Eldstahl
  Recently I visited London, travelling from Sweden (not Switzerland). At the youth hostel I lived at, Forest Gate, I recognized a Gnomes head sticking out from the dirt in the garden of the house. Turned out to be a Gnome laying on his belly reading a book, deep in the dirt! I didn´t know what to do so I discussed the problem with my travelling companions, mother and two sisters, we decided to steal it. The touble we went trough to bring him home to Sweden was worth it, he is now recovering with new paint in original colors and in the future we´ll try to variate his reading. Outdoor activity is not an option right now, he doesn´t seem confident yet. Later in the summer he´s joining us in the garden at barbeques and other occations. But only daytime! At night he prefers sleeping at the balcony of our flat. My children loves him, helped enthusiasticly to clean and groom him before painting. Gnomes Away!

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