How to start a Gnome Liberation club or outreach

Do you have a vision of how you can reach out to your campus?

Fantastic! If you are confident that you want to begin an outreach or club at your school, step out and ask others to join you. When you unite with other free thinkers and gnome liberators, a powerful, influential force is created on your campus. If you are ready, read on! Many students are launching Gnome Liberation clubs on their campuses, while others are forming campus student outreaches or organizations. Clubs are usually recognized as an official group and are allowed to meet on campus. Outreaches and organizations are informally recognized and may meet in homes or churches. Students have to decide which is best for their school, but either way the reason for uniting is not only to promote the well being of gentle woodland creatures, but also for fellowship with other like minded students.


      • Read the information at thoroughly and understand the vision and message.
      • Find out if a gnome liberation organization already exists on your campus. Often these clubs, although well intentioned are discriminated against as part of the continuing efforts to keep Gnomes enslaved.
      • Create a bold vision for your school
      • Prepare so that the school administration and the student government will be open to your request.
      • Find others on your campus who will join you.
      • Look for sympathetic professors, coaches, or staff at your school who might serve as a sponsor. The Physics departments are usually staffed with free thinkers, as are Mathematics and Philosophy. We have not heard success from History, Business or Law departments but feel free to try.
      • Request a written copy of the school policy for starting school clubs or student organizations.
      • Review copies of other school clubs that have completed a constitution or charter at your school.
      • Schedule a time and neutral place for an introductory meeting to share the vision with other students.
      • Be sure everyone understands the clear purpose of the group.
      • Discuss when it would be best to meet.
      • Complete any required applications, charters or constitutions the school requires.
      • Be sure you have complete understanding of what is required at your school to have a recognized club.
      • Insure that your group will be student led, although you may invite adult guests on occasion.
      • As a team, present your request to the school administration or student government for approval.
      • Know where to find support for your legal rights to meet on campus in case your approval is denied. Most schools have a Campus Ombudsman who should be able to help mediate a dispute with your Student Government or School Administration.

Apply for a Campus Club Starter Kit

A Campus Club Starting Kit includes:
      • Statement of Purpose
      • Artwork for Membership ID cards, Gnome Oppressor Citations and Posters
      • A chance to win a T-shirt


Campus Club Application

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