Stop Oppressive Gardening provides Garden Gnome Liberation information and calls to action.
We advocate an end to oppressive gardening and freedom for garden gnomes everywhere.


The Situation

Thousands of Gnomes are enslaved in Gardens across America. For too long we have let our neighbors usurp the rights of these gentle woodland creatures. Visit our Newsroom for more information.

Calls to Action Report Neighborhood Tyranny

Join our boycott. Organize a picket demonstration. Write to Congress. Free a Gnome. We'll show you how.

Have you seen a Gnome in captivity? Report it here. This information will be made available to the Garden Gnome Liberation Front, the Local, Federal, and International authorities, the appropriate amnesty organizations and will be transmitted into space via a powerful, world-class radio astronomy dish.

Interested in supporting the cause?

Two ways to help the cause:

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